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Range of services: A general solution from Bluebird builds on various areas. These can be expanded, reduced and specified on a thematic basis as development progresses. In terms of the overall package, a number of options are also available so that clients can select and combine the various areas to suit their needs. Individual services and areas will not be implemented, as otherwise there is no overall solution and the relevant effect will be lost. The final result is always something quite unique.

These provide the necessary basis for the overall solution. This might sound like dry theory, but not with Bluebird. In addition to the so-called fundamentals (known as the "flight plan" at Bluebird), special priorities are incorporated here. No statistics, no brightly coloured charts, no exhortations to "get on board before it’s too late", no imperative "this is how you might/should/must do something". This means that there are no visions and no guessing games on a piece of paper. Instead it's all about the definitive analysis of future philosophy and key points, including direct interpretation based on the other corresponding areas. Informative, logical and in-depth.

The point here is not the design of brochures, websites or other advertising media. What is the point of a fabulous presentation if the content isn't up to scratch? The best advertisement is when you have something special to offer. With Bluebird this is guaranteed thanks to the other areas within the overall solution. The focus here is on how to achieve maximum advertising impact, both internally and externally with just a few resources and how it is particularly worthwhile drawing attention to one's self on a lasting basis. A valuable addition to the product-specific advertising strategies integrated in areas 3 and 4.

Bluebird was already responsible for some pioneering work in this area 20 years ago. The combination of typical characteristics of a particular region, brand or history - in combination with various experience-based factors - in conjunction with main and ancillary programme points and as part of seasonal and age-appropriate good- and bad-weather activities provides a shrewd foundation. This involves completely a different dimension in emotional experience with nature. Avoidance of material expenditure and an enormous love of detail open up completely new horizons not only for fulfilling the expectations of your customers, but actually significantly exceeding them. This is achieved in a continuous and unique way through pure beauty and creativity. Practical training for the responsible staff members and detailed implementation programmes, management tactics and advertising strategies are also key.

This also applies to themed events and other forms of celebrations and festivals. With an in-depth approach and a range of highly-detailed modules, our intention here is not to persuade customers, but simply to enchant them. Apart from inclusive, line-oriented ambience and sensory factors, your customer will also experience a scenario that is arranged to reflect a motto or a specific theme in a varied and authentic way. Exclusivity is expressed not through quantity and ostentation, but rather through original programming that subtly draws participants in, creating a completely new type of event. Best of all: Implementation on the basis of the most detailed organisational plans can be achieved without Bluebird, which in turn keeps costs to a minimum. Specific advertising schemes, implementation plans and targeted organisational steps facilitate secure implementation.

Good training increases confidence. At Bluebird, this area is first implemented in theory on the basis of the overall solution itself. It includes understandable documents that are implemented in practice through targeted steps and effective factors. In essence there is no need for mandatory training because the complete solution is extremely detailed and precisely drafted so that you could get started immediately. However, personal implementation in practice in the appropriate areas is the key to ensuring that you feel, see and enjoy your products and innovations from Bluebird even more and that you (automatically) develop an absolute love of them. In the final analysis this will benefit your customer because a quality-based offer only gives rise to true emotion through perfect implementation

Looking for more from Bluebird? This involves even more special features that are specially sorted, coordinated and drawn up as part of an offer or required extension. Here again Bluebird hits the nail on the head and offers a number of surprising wow effects. These come into play when tweaking is required, when more variety is needed and when additional services are expected. Welcome to the world of Bluebird!

Bluebird's overall solution also helps resolve the following issues:

As part of a provisional offer (quick quote), Bluebird will tell you all about what we can do for your business and all of the inclusive services in each area - including guide prices. You will receive information about the next, non-binding steps and further procedures. Simply enter your Internet address, mailing address, name and function within your organisation and e-mail the details to . You will receive your personal provisional offer the next day (with prior indication of the timing).


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