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Interview extract: What does success mean to you? For me success means pursuing an objective you believe in. However, for me, it also means getting people enthusiastic about something, putting a smile on their faces or persuading them to support something that results in positive change. My aim is that until I come to the end of my life I can say proudly: "I have followed my goal. I have achieved it and I have never given up believing in it and fighting for it."

How important is turnover for you: In the beginning I thought that turnover was the key to gaining recognition as an entrepreneur. However that was never my absolute aim. These days I am conscious that turnover / profit / gain / revenue is just a side-effect of business activity. If you really want to be able to persuade people of what you can do, you need to be able to fully express yourself in convincing terms and through your services. This is no time for decoy manoeuvres.

What was your fundamental idea with Bluebird? From the start, the basic idea was to offer people something unique that would also take them in a new direction, counteracting monotony and superficiality with rational solutions. What's more, I wanted to offer something that is gaining increasing importance and that is of timeless value.

How important is the role of Bluebird in your life? It is so important that I have experienced every possible emotion with and through Bluebird - already a sure sign of a real love affair. This goes far beyond the normal highs and lows that you might expect. It is my life's work. It is part of me. It is my vocation. It is my past, my present and my future.


Bird's eye view

"If you take a bird's eye view, you will find it easier to navigate the facts as you encounter them on the ground." This motto applies to every aspect of Bluebird.
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