Bluebird Rourismus Innovationen

Good things come from above

The company: Founded in 1998, Bluebird sees itself as the only company of its kind in the world, providing tourism innovation and overall solutions. As the wording indicates, high powered innovations for the tourism sector and beyond are developed here in the form of a comprehensive overall solution. The basis is formed by solidly-based concepts, tailor-made marketing strategies, incomparable products (such as emotional activities with and in nature, unusual events and other special forms of experience) as well as associated theoretical and practical training. Thanks to its unique approach, technical development, level of innovation and timeless value, the carefully coordinated overall result provides a reliable yardstick. This in turn gives Bluebird as a company and the people interested in the unique services associated with it something quite unique: "a unique selling proposition that can be directly experienced".

Leading expertise, a high level of humanity and a personal touch - factors that are often forgotten in business life - are key aspects of an attractively honest philosophy that further aims to side-step the mainstream with its so-called trends and superficial one-size-fits-all approach. The intention to be different, to make bold statements, to fly in face of the wind and to think more deeply and more logically is something of major importance in the tourism sector in particular. For Bluebird, putting this into practice in a creative way is not just a privilege but a guiding principle.

The target group is mainly drawn from tourism businesses of various kinds (hotels, restaurants, national parks, tourism regions, a broad range of providers of tourist services, such as ski schools, outdoor adventure agencies, etc.). The endless range of possibilities and the unique nature of the innovations mean that the extensive range of services has now garnered attention from other sectors, such as automobile manufacturers, particularly in the area of new drive concepts (e.g. e-mobility) but also in other areas. Examples include nature conservation organisations, nature conservation areas or businesses that aim to interpret and communicate nature conservation in a particular way. This last target group will receive particular attention as Bluebird develops. On the one hand this is because a lot needs to change within the tourism industry in this area, while on the other hand the thrifty use of resources and the prudent management of our environment demands more attention through attractive activities and broadly-based innovative solutions. Bluebird offers an integrated response to this.


Taking wing

Range of services: A general solution from Bluebird builds on various areas. These can be expanded, reduced and specified on a thematic basis as development progresses ...
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